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One of the cornerstones on which this company was built, is the desire to give back to the community. There are several ways that we are planning to help our fellow man/woman/child at every level of growth that we encounter. We invite you to be a part of that and know that a portion of our profits is going to help others within our community. 

Milestone 1: (Achieved)

Our first goal comes to our customers by being honest about the work that needs to be done and by keeping our prices reasonably fair for both our customers and our employees.

Milestone 2: (Achieved/On Going)

Our second goal is to provide our services free of charge for fundraising events. We are willing to donate a limited number of our services to charitable causes in need of raising funds. These charities can raffle off a voucher for services to raise money for their cause. If you are a member of a charitable cause, and you are looking for a company who will donate their services, please contact our office to see if your program is a good match.


Milestone 3: (In Progress)

Our third goal is to provide services directly to the community in the form of donated man hours. Some examples are; time spent in soup kitchens, time spent preparing meals for poverty and famine-stricken areas around the world, donating time at events to help facilitate charitable causes, delivering meals, clothing, shoes, and bedding directly to people on the streets and in shelters.


Milestone 4: (In Progress)

Our fourth goal is to host events in the community.

One program that we are immediately trying to implement is the Child ID program, where we provide to parents, a record of vital information of their children, in the event that their child goes missing. This information can then be handed over to the police and FBI, to help locate the child as quickly as possible. Some information included in the packages is; fingerprints, height, weight, a current photo, a voice recording and video of the child, as well as other vital information, all on a CD, paper form, and possibly an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone for the parent to store securely at home or on the go in the event that a child goes missing. We will also be doing the same thing for seniors, with the Senior ID program.

All of these services are provided FREE to the parents or legal guardians.

This program is in need of some additional funding to buy the computer systems needed to provide these services. We currently have a waitlist of 3 customers, until we can get the funds to get this program running. Some of the customers we will be working with include: The Boy Scouts of America, The Girl Scouts of America, and a local retirement community (who asked not to be named).

If you can help with the funding, please contact our office. The systems range in price from $3000-$10,000 per system, so anything would help. We would like to start off with 2 systems, and ideally work our way up to 4 systems.

We are taking sponsorships from companies that would like to have their company listed on the forms that will be distributed to each family that receives a Child ID/Senior ID package. Sponsorship starts at $100/event, up to 3 events (to keep it fair for others wishing to sponsor), anything more would be greatly appreciated.

***Scroll down to the bottom of the page for donation options.***


Milestone 5: (Pending)

Our fifth goal is to help elderly and financially troubled customers get needed repairs and replacements on their HVAC systems at little or no cost to them. I have been in situations where my customers were unable to take care of necessary repairs or replacements, no matter how much we were willing to work with them. It is a terrible feeling walking out of a customers house knowing that they will be suffering in the cold, for several months, because they barely have enough money to put food on the table. Nobody should have to go through that. 


Milestone 6: (Pending)

Our sixth goal is to donate money directly to panel chosen charities and small business throughout the greater Southern California area.


Milestone 7: (Pending)

Our seventh goal is to providing free/discounted job training to people from low-income areas, high school drop-outs, people who have lost their jobs and are having difficulty finding a new one, and people coming off of disability or coming home from serving in our military services.


Milestone 8: (Pending)

Our eighth goal is to set up several levels of educational scholarships for children and adults meeting strict criteria.

A. Any qualifying person who will be going through our training program, who has not graduated from high school, who is struggling financially, and is willing and able to return to night school to graduate with a regular high school diploma or GED.

B. A panel selected, employee recommended, qualifying high school graduate who is planning on attending college for the first time. (1 annual recipient)

C. A panel selected, customer recommended, qualifying high school graduate who is planning on attending college for the first time.(1 annual recipient)

D. Any qualifying person from Milestone 7, who is in need of a technical training education to further their career. 

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